Saturday, June 18, 2011

Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin) and the Steep Canyon Rangers

Finally!  Just a couple of more days before I head out for my 6th annual road trip to Owensboro, Kentucky, to attend my favorite bluegrass music festival: ROMP 2011, the creation of the International Bluegrass Music Museum.  In five years, I have driven something over 10,000 miles getting to and from Owensboro, and I will be adding just over 2,000 additional miles in 2011.

Take a look here at one of those who will be appearing on the first evening of the event,  Steve Martin.  Martin has been working with a really good bluegrass band off and on for more than a year now (The Steep Canyon Rangers) and this clip is from one of their live appearances.  By the way, Martin's two bluegrass albums have sold pretty well and have gathered considerable critical acclaim.

These guys will appear in Owensboro on June 23 - if you're anywhere around that part of Kentucky or southern Indiana, don't miss this festival.


  1. Steve is so multi-talented!
    Author, comedian, musician.... and [most importantly....] "WILD & CRAZY GUY!"

  2. Very true, Cip. I've read a couple of his books and they were pretty good. I think he's at a stage in his life where music is the most important creative thing in his life. He even travels on the tour bus with these guys...has to be having the time of his life.

  3. Just finished packing, y'all. Leaving about six in the morning...hoping to get some sleep tonight...starting very soon.