Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Missouri's Mini-Arch Marks the Spot

Cement Arch at Arkansas/Missouri Border
It's been a long day of driving but I am finally settled into a motel room for the night and, because I drove a few extra hours today, I can sleep a little later tomorrow  before setting out on the road again.  I'm actually within about 140 miles of my final destination (I drove almost 800 miles today).

I've had no time for reading, of course, but I'll get a few pages in tonight before I crash - can't wait to get back to Alafair Burke's Long Gone to see how that one turns out.  I have less than a 100 pages to go and still can't figure out just who the "bad guy" really is.  Very cool book.

(The photo is of a rather crude arch that marks the border between Arkansas and Missouri on Highway 61.  This is a fairly isolated spot, so little traffic this evening, in fact, that I was able to stand in the middle of the highway to take the picture.  Two cars came by in the whole time I was there (over five minutes).  I wonder if Missouri has put more of these little arches along its border? 


  1. That's pretty cool. I like how you can see the defined line in the pavement. It looks like Missouri is taking better care of their roads than Arkansas is! :)

  2. How high is that arch? Just wondering - I think about these things, because my dad is a trucker. I'm assuming it's high enough for a semi, or that there is an alternate route that semis are supposed to take.

  3. Yep, the Missouri folks seem to be keeping up their side of the line a little better, or at least more recently, than the Arkansas guys.

  4. Library Girl, I would estimate it at about 12 feet...but it really looks tiny since it only spans two lanes of traffic.