Friday, June 10, 2011

Bess the Book Bus Comes to Detroit

One Florida woman had the courage to cash in her retirement savings to fund a dream - putting books into the hands of children who might otherwise not have easy access to them at home.  (I'm sure that every financial advisor in the world would recommend against this, but I have to admire her for doing it.)

As detailed in this Detroit Free Press article, Bess the Book Bus made it to Detroit this week:
Frances bought a Volkswagen bus, filled it with books, affectionately named it Bess the Book Bus (inspired by her grandmother) and traveled around her Tampa community, handing out storybook after storybook to underprivileged children.

Now, thanks to numerous sponsors and donations, Bess the Book Bus is on its third national road trip.

"I want kids to feel that sense of being transported somewhere away from their current environment, because a lot of our kids' day-to-day is not that bright and shiny," said Frances, 40.
On the road trip, Frances plans to hand out more than 100,000 books to 20,000 children in 44 states. Tour partners Transitions Optical and VSP Vision Care also will provide free eye exams and glasses along the way.
Jennifer Frances, I applaud you.


  1. that is so amazing, what a wonderful idea. I wish I had the time and the finances to do this.

  2. She was in Kansas City today! Very cool lady.

  3. It's a cool idea, isn't it, ladies? Detroit to KC at a pretty good clip...wonder what is on her schedule for the summer?