Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alan the Accountant Shuns Pants But He's One Cool Dude

As an accountant of several decades experience, I have grown a bit weary of the stereotypical accountant image used so often to amuse television and movie viewers.  I've laughed at this guy, too...heck, I may have worked with him in a past life.  I no longer make my living as an accountant but, you know, I feel bad for the brothers and sisters who still suffer the ridicule of their friends, neighbors, and spouses just because they have not yet put their pencils down.  You know who you are, you cruel people.

That's why I am pleased to announce a new children's book featuring none other than Alan the Accountant.  No longer do your small children have to be bored by books about firemen, policemen, cowboys, postmen, or Bob the Builder.  Now they can be bored by Alan the Accountant (who apparently cannot afford pants, or maybe just enjoys walking around without them - who said accountants weren't sexy?).

So, I am proud to introduce the very cool, Alan the Accountant:

Alan looks just like the kind of accountant who can motivate your children into taking up the pencil when older accountants are ready to hand it off to the next generation.  Don't miss the opportunity to thrill your children with the excitement of a day on the job with Alan.  One small footnote: the book is being published only in iPhone format (sounds like a plot by Apple accountants to sell more iPhones, to me).

Click here for all the details.
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