Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Didn't Stephenie Meyer Think of This?

From the Wall Street Journal:
For $75,000, you can buy a piece of Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar.

Luxury publisher Kraken Opus mixed in a pint of Mr. Tendulkar's blood with paper pulp to create the signature page for a book celebrating the renowned batsman's career. The 10 limited-edition copies, which comes out in February, cost $75,000 each and have already sold out.
If you find this a bit much, or if you want to hear about other luxury books being sold to a bunch of what I perceive to be very gullible people with too much money in their hands, see the rest of the article. We live in a weird old world, people.


  1. And they seem to get weirder by the day, Brian. It is getting harder and harder to distinguish truth from fiction.

  2. You really have to wonder about the people who buy this sort of thing...and throw that much money at the junk. Must be inherited money because no one who works for a living would waste money like this. :-)