Sunday, July 18, 2010

Library Opening Draws Hundreds

There is still hope in this crazy old world.

It seems that "hundreds of people" flocked to the brand new Walnut Creek, CA, library that opened for business yesterday and it seems to have been well worth their wait. has the details:
After being under construction for two years, hundreds of people on Saturday came to the opening of the 40,000-square-foot, $39.9 million library in Civic Park.

After a short reception, at which Mayor Sue Rainey officially declared the library open, people flooded the three main entrances and filled each nook and corner of the place. Especially popular was the 5,000-square-foot children's section. Storytime began about 10 minutes after the doors opened and youngsters quickly settled on the multicolored carpet.


The two-story, sleekly designed building — with a curving roof and tree branches etched into an indoor glass wall — incorporates images of nature. The curving-line design on the floor and tables simulates the flow of the city's creeks.

Rainey said the library is the most beautiful in the state and she thanked the community for helping to make it happen. She acknowledged that the library has caused controversy; some residents think it's too big and cost too much. But when people experience the library they'll understand it has been worth the time, cost and effort, she said.


But for all the bells and whistles — including 94 public computers and a 65-inch television screen for video game playing in the teen section — many on Saturday quickly found a book and a good place to sit and began reading.
Imagine that. Even with all the new library gizmos, people still managed to find and enjoy the actual books.


  1. It looks like a beautiful library. Sounds like that community will well appreciate it, too!

  2. Considering all the governmental cutbacks on services people actually use, this is nice to see, for sure.