Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Writers: How NOT to Self-Market Yourself

I mentioned Sunday afternoon that I was making progress in the four books I'm currently reading. One of those, The Texicans, a novel about life in the wide open spaces of Texas during the 1840s, caught the eye of one reader and she decided to comment.Now I love comments, and I try to answer all of them, but sometimes they do surprise me. This is one of those cases.

The comment I'm showing below was made by a writer/poet, someone I've never heard of but will not forget anytime soon. In this day of writers largely having to market themselves if they want to sell what they produce, this is a wonderful example of how NOT to do it:
I think Texas is the most horrid, hideous place on earth. Texas is despised worldwide for it's racism, it's sickening love for the death penalty, it's violence and all the morons and braggarts who live there. If there were any justice at all, a huge hangman's noose would drop from the sky and choke the life out of this evil state. Florida is just as bad. I hope a giant hurricane blows it off the planet. Thinking people should have nothing to do with another Texas Braggart Book.
The irony associated with this comment from California is that the author of The Texicans is herself a Californian, not another "Texas Braggart."

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