Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How Reading Changed My Life

This little book (weighing in at only 84 pages) contains four essays and several different lists-of-ten-books that explain how and when Anna Quindlen became a reader and what a major impact her reading has had on her life. In one of the essays, Quindlen shares her memories of the excitement she felt when she first figured out that each letter of the alphabet actually represents a sound, each little group of letters, a word, and all of them together tell a new story. Most avid readers will be reminded of their own excitement at finally "cracking the code" and becoming independent readers. The other essays recount things like the evolution of her reading list, the impact that watching her parents react to books with both laughter and tears had on her, and the future of books.

This is a book for book lovers because they will instinctively understand exactly what Quindlen is telling them and they will love her for saying it so lovingly and so strongly. Read this book.

Rated at: 4.5

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