Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chasing Books

This first blog is intended to serve as more of a test than as an introduction to Book Chase but I thought it best to start off with a brief bit about myself and what I'm hoping to achieve with this blog.

I'm somewhat of a veteran of blogging, in the sense that I had a previous blog that survived for almost 600 posts before I decided to shut it down for personal reasons, not the least being that I became burned out trying to talk politics on a daily basis in a world gone mad. I found myself spending several precious hours a day largely wasting my breath in a world where everyone has already made up his mind on the rights and wrongs of today's politics. I plan to take a more leisurely approach in this blog and to concentrate on an area of my life that gives me great pleasure, books, rather than on a segment of my life that continually frustrates me, politics.

So whether I end up simply talking to myself or actually making a few new like-minded friends, this will definitely be a labor of love, thoughts I want to share or to simply record for myself without having to argue and defend myself all the time...something to lower my blood pressure rather than raising it.
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