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I started Book Chase in January 2007 because I wanted to discuss books with like-minded people, and could not find a whole lot of those folks in my particular "real world."  As time went on, I noticed that a lot of us were talking about the same books, and that books by lesser known authors were seldom mentioned or appreciated.  Thankfully, that has changed over the years, with many book bloggers doing a wonderful job in spreading the news about debut novels and worthy authors still struggling to find their audience.

I try to read and review about 120 books a year.  Of that total, I strive for a workable split between books that catch my eye in the library, bookstores, and on my own shelves - plus review copies (perhaps 40-50 ARCs per year).

I love literary fiction, serious historical fiction (especially Civil War fiction), baseball novels, serious westerns, biographies, histories, memoirs, crime fiction, and books about books and reading.

I do not read romance novels, most of what has come to be called "chick-lit," books specifically designated as Christian fiction, health and fitness books, much science fiction other than time travel, business books, most self-help books, or most art and photography books.

I am always happy to consider books for review purposes, but please do not be offended if I do not get back to you directly with a "yes or no."  It is sometimes difficult to keep up with email proposals, and even though I always try to respond, I know that some emails very likely  slip through the crack.

All that said, review enquiries should be addressed to me at:

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