Review Policy

I started Book Chase in January 2007 because I wanted to discuss books with like-minded people, and could not find a whole lot of those folks in my particular "real world."  As time went on, I noticed that a lot of us were talking about the same books, and that books by lesser known authors were seldom mentioned or appreciated.  Thankfully, that has changed over the years, with many book bloggers doing a wonderful job in spreading the news about debut novels and worthy authors still struggling to find their audience.

I try to read and review about 120 books a year.  Of that total, I strive for a workable split between books that catch my eye in the library, bookstores, and on my own shelves - plus review copies (perhaps 40-50 ARCs per year).

I love literary fiction, serious historical fiction (especially Civil War fiction), baseball novels, serious westerns, biographies, histories, memoirs, crime fiction, and books about books and reading.

I do not read romance novels, most of what has come to be called "chick-lit," books specifically designated as Christian fiction, health and fitness books, much science fiction other than time travel, business books, most self-help books, or most art and photography books.

I am always happy to consider books for review purposes, but please do not be offended if I do not get back to you directly with a "yes or no."  It is sometimes difficult to keep up with email proposals, and even though I always try to respond, I know that some emails very likely  slip through the crack.

All that said, review enquiries should be addressed to me at:

(I have found it extremely difficult to keep up with review requests ever since the pandemic restrictions were put into place in mid-March. 

Requests picked up dramatically at that point, and that's also about the time my life got a little more complicated than it normally is. My 98-year-old father had to move into a nursing home at the worst possible moment, and I've been having to deal with all of that remotely since visitors are not allowed into such facilities right now. Some days that's a full-time job. 

I am unable to respond directly to all requests being received because my schedule is so unpredictable and otherwise time-consuming. Please bear with me until things return to normal.)

Sam Sattler

Update to Status: 

My father passed away on the afternoon of August 29, so that's what I'm dealing with right now. The little town in Southeast Texas that we want to use for services and burial has no power at the moment as the result of Hurricane Laura passing through the area a few days ago. 

Hopefully, things down there will be a little closer to normal in a little bit. Meanwhile, I'm still unable to accept new requests. I think things will be closer to normal soon.

Sam Sattler

I'm in the process now of completing all the paperwork and legal matters that mark the end of  a life. That will take some time, of course, but it can be done at my own pace. That  means that I'm ready to ease slowly into a return to normalcy as it regards review requests and the like. 

Thank you for your expressions of kindness and concern during these past few months. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and understanding.

Sam Sattler 


  1. Hi Sam,
    I hope your dad's okay. This caregiver journey just takes over our lives from time to time. Stay safe, and I hope your dad does the same.
    Marylee MacDonald

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts, Marylee. It's been a long, long journey of almost 15 years to get us to this point.

  2. Hi, Sam - I just followed you and spent some time reading your blog, which I liked very much. Regarding your father, I went through some of the same things you are going through with my mother-in-law, who just passed away during the lock down. It was very difficult for my wife, though thankfully, her mom was transferred back to the nursing home where my wife could go up and see her before she passed. As a hospice volunteer councilor for families, I was able to help my wife through a very difficult time. I wish the best for you, Sam - stay safe out there.

    1. Ron, sorry to hear that your wife lost her mother in the middle of this whole mess. It really gets complicated, and I can imagine how much she needed and appreciated your input.

      Today was an especially difficult day, because my father woke up this morning surprised that my mother was dead and that no one had bothered to tell him (she has been gone for 21 years now). It's like he had to go through the entire shock and grieving process all over again. I'm hoping that this doesn't happen to him again because it was very painful to watch.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Sam, I have a new Civil War novel coming out October 3, but with what you have going on right now I can't ask you to give it any attention. I'll write you again in a few months and hope you are back to a sustainable situation then.

    Bless you, man.
    -George Scott

    1. Things should be relatively near normal in another month or so, George. So much paperwork, legal matters, etc. too deal with that I'm not quite there yet.

    2. Sam, I hope things have settled. Are you ready for a conversation on my novel?
      ISBN for Print: 9780976086758
      ISBN for ebook: 9780976086765

    3. I think so, George. I'm lining up a few reviews for the next 4-8 weeks right now, in fact.

    4. Thank you, Sam. I just sent you an email with information on the book, and asked in what format you prefer books for reviews. -George Scott

    5. Thanks. I'll get back to you...probably tomorrow.