Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When a Kindle Turns Into a Brick


  1. I can't help with the whole Kindle becoming a brick situation, but this is just one more thing to consider before jumping on this technological bandwagon.

    In a similar sort of situation, I had a problem back in January where a Ebay buyer had defrauded me to the tune of $680 by using a quirk in the PayPal system. Right now my PayPal account has a negative balance and will stay that way because I won't on principle pay the balance which I shouldn't owe in the first place. As a result I have completely stopped using Ebay which now only accepts Paypal payments.

    Companies having too much control over our lives is not a good thing.

    Anyway this Kindle situation sounds an awful lot like fraud, and I think that it could very easily be challenged in court. If I was banned from the local department store, they couldn't come to my house and take back anything I had ever bought there.

  2. Alissa, I had the exact same situation with eBay and Pay Pal over a year ago and refuse to use either site ever again. The hacker got my Pay Pal info via eBay and they placed the burden entirely on me to clear up the mess - even to figuring out exactly how a guy from England was able to order almost 20 computers using my bank info.

    Luckily, I lost nothing but time, in the long run.

  3. This guy's Kindle became a brick due to his own stupidity.

    1. He abused Amazon's return policy. Plain and simple, Target doesn't let you return 50 items in one month, why should Amazon?

    2. He was dumb enough to not save the books he purchased from Amazon to his own computer. I would never let a company have the sole copy of anything I purchased. Amazon gives the buyers of Kindle books the ability to download books to their own computer. If this is done all the books you purchased will continue to work on your Kindle even if you can't access Amazon anymore. You can't buy more Amazon books (though there are other places to get some books), you can't use the whispernet, and your purchased books will only work on the Kindle you have, but they will be there and they will work if you have saved them to your computer. Would you leave your 50" LCD TV at Best Buy to hold onto when you aren't watching it?? What happens when Best Buy goes bankrupt? Bye bye TV. I save every single book I buy from Amazon to my computer, so if Amazon goes belly up or locks me out, I at the very least have what I have rightfully purchased.


  4. Rachel, I agree that the guy sounds as if he were pulling some kind of scam on Amazon and Amazon, very correctly, had to cut him off.

    My confusion was why he could not access the books he had paid for, as you will note from the post. I got the impression that the kindle books could not be saved to hard drive and I could not believe that could possibly be true. So thanks for verifying that this kind of thing does not have to happen and that the books can, indeed, be saved to a buyer's hard drive, be it built in or external.