Sunday, October 04, 2015

Special Memorial to Talent of Alexander Pope

I noticed in The Guardian this morning that the Twickenham area of Greater London has erected a beautiful memorial to Alexander Pope along the banks of the Thames.  It's impossible to tell from the article exactly where the memorial has been placed, but I'm hoping it's along that beautiful stretch of the river that I came to know so well (I lived just a stone's throw from the Richmond Bridge that crosses from Richmond into Twickenham).  I'm going to picture it there in my mind, anyway - at least for now.
The home of English rugby will be stirred “by tender strokes of art” as well as sport, following the installation of a new sculpture on the bank of the Thames celebrating the work of Twickenham’s most famous former resident, Alexander Pope.
Based on an urn designed by the poet for the garden of a friend in the Midlands but since destroyed, the 8ft sculpture features Pope’s famous lines from Epistle IVin which he exhorts readers to “Consult the genius of the place in all”, a maxim that is still a guiding principle in garden design today.
I love that the article mentions that Twickenham is the "home of English rugby" because I absolutely fell in love with the sport while I was in England.  I attended often attended matches at the big stadium and other smaller ones in the neighborhood and, to this day, I still try to keep up with the sport.

Special Note to my British friends:  If anyone can tell me more precisely where along the river in Twickenham this is located, I would much appreciate it.

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