Friday, March 22, 2013

Crawfish and Thieves of Book Row

I'm feeling a bit better today (my allergy to tree pollen has had me feeling bad for almost two weeks) so it looks like I'll be spending most of the weekend in Southwest Louisiana eating crawfish and listening to Cajun dance bands.  

I've just downloaded an upcoming book from Oxford University Press called Thieves of Book Row (June release) for my downtime, so I'll have that along with me for the late night downtime when, as usual in a hotel room, I won't be able to get to sleep.  So I'm covered that way, too.  Now, if I can get my video camera functioning correctly again - I tried to get fancy and ended up instead fouling up the settings some way - I plan to post some music to YouTube to give you guys a taste of what an authentic Cajun band sounds like.  

In the meantime, here's something from one of my favorite Cajun  bands, Lost Bayou Ramblers, proving that young musicians are keeping the music alive by merging it with more mainstream rock sounds.  I still love the traditional Cajun music sound, but this is a pretty exciting evolution of the trad sound:

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