Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World Book Night Books Have Arrived

(Designed as a small cover within a larger cover)
I picked up my 20 copies of A Prayer for Owen Meany at my neighborhood Barnes & Noble this morning and I am really impressed by the quality of these specially produced books.  This volume is 635 pages long and has a special cover noting the occasion an including some details about how it all came together.

Did you know that authors of the 30 volumes being given away have waived all the royalties they would have earned by moving so many copies of their books?  If each book was printed in equal numbers, and if  the target of 1,000,000 books was produced, that means each of the writers waived royalties on over 30,000 copies of their work.  In addition, it appears that the paper to print the books was donated, along with the publishing costs, shipping costs, and distribution costs.  This is rather amazing, if you think about that.

I'll be giving my books to members of the book club at the senior living center that my 90-year-old father moved into two years ago.  I'm waiting on final word as to the exact timing on Tuesday night, but I'm in the homestretch now.  I hope to get some good pictures of the ladies (typically, I don't think there are any male members of the club) and will post them on Book Chase next week.


  1. Can't wait to see the pics when you get them posted.
    I think this is going to be awesome.
    Haven't picked my own books up yet, but I am sure ready!

  2. Kayo, WBN2012 should be great fun...but still waiting to hear back from the facility's event coordinator. Hoping she doesn't drop the ball and cause me to scramble for an alternative plan.

  3. Sam,
    Does it seem like a "go" for you on WBN?
    My plan has changed a bit since I just had foot surgery a few weeks ago. It should be an awesome time regardless.
    Good luck!

  4. I just picked up my box this morning. My plan is to give them away on the city bus route that runs past my house--I'm going to start at the tech high school and work my way back home. It's a very busy route around rush hour.

  5. Kayo, I got the official "go" on Saturday morning and am scheduled to meet with the ladies on Monday evening to hand out the books and explain WBN to them. Looking forward to it.

    I hope it still goes well for you. Good luck on the recovery.

  6. Kerry, what a great idea! Sounds like you will reach a real cross-section of readers with that plan. Let us know how it all goes on Monday.