Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interesting Bookish Links

I spent an hour this afternoon waiting for my office computer to be converted from the XP operating system to Windows 7 (something I am not at all happy about, by the way) so I had an extra few minutes to grab my iPad and look around the web a bit.  One of the sites I spent some time with, allows a user to make some interesting, side-by-side comparisons of just about anything.

I found the site's data-pull and comparison regarding classic literature to be interesting enough that I will probably go back to the site to see what else is there.  Take a look here if you're curious.  While the comparison does not go into great depth, there is enough there to make it a useful tool.  I imagine that the retail product comparisons would be especially helpful but, hey, this is a book blog.

Here's another one, this time comparing the libraries of major cities around the world by number of printed books, e-books, audio materials, etc.  The size of some of these libraries is amazing, but what surprises me most is the identity of some of those with the largest collections.

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