Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anne Perry / Juliet Hulme (Part 4)

I am truly surprised that a series of posts that started on Book Chase more than four years ago is still drawing comments from around the world.  Those posts began as a discussion of my   reaction when I first learned that Anne Perry had been convicted and punished for her participation in a very brutal murder when she was a teen.  The many comments added to the posts have expressed shock, negative reactions (including a difficulty enjoying Perry's mysteries any longer), and substantial amounts of support for the author.

I know that Book Chase finds new readers every day, so I think it would be appropriate to post links to two of the earlier posts here as a way of exposing the discussion to some to whom the information might be new and interesting.  My personal opinion concerning Ms. Perry's crime and the irony associated with her choice of profession (author of murder mysteries) has softened a bit over the past four years, but I still find it impossible to read her work.  Others do not.

Hopefully, this will start a fresh discussion - and some new material associated with the murder and its aftermath will be brought to my attention.  To this point, I have learned of an Australian book on the subject, a video interview in which Perry discusses the murder with author Ian Rankin, a major film about the girls and the murder, and a documentary shot in Anne Perry's home.  Links to each of those have been included in prior posts.

To regular readers this is old news, of course, and I apologize for repeating myself to them.  Others, I hope, will find the subject to be as fascinating as I do.

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