Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stunning Colorization of Abe Lincoln Portrait

You'll have to take my word about the link I'm going to post below: It is going to be one of your favorite photos of the year.

This is a colorized portrait of Abraham Lincoln that will stun you with its clarity and realism.  You will notice (probably for the first time, as I did) that Mr. Lincoln was almost perfectly still during the taking of his portrait other than the movement of his hands - as evidenced by their blurring and the double image of the pencil he held.

I am truly amazed at the life and humanity color adds to a picture I have seen in black and white so many times.  The quality of this photo, as evidenced by the beard and facial creases, is breathtaking.

Go here for the photo (I didn't want to wait for permission to post the actual picture here).

Do make sure that you view the picture as close to full screen size as you can.


  1. Wow!
    What an amazing portrait. It gave me chills to look at that.

  2. Wow - nothing like colour to bring someone to life! Wouldn't you just love to sit down and talk to him?

  3. It's gorgeous. I could look at it all day and never get tired. I never thought of him having blue eyes.

  4. It certainly demands that you stare at it for a while, doesn't it, Kathy?

  5. Debbie, he looks so real in that photo now that I get the feeling he can almost talk to us. It's always a bit of a reality check to see something this old in color...makes you take them and that world a whole lot more seriously for some reason, I think.

  6. Susan, I've gone back to the picture several times. Showed it to my father on Sunday and he was fascinated by it...he's days away from being 90.