Sunday, January 10, 2010

HalfPintIngalls Has a Lot to Say

Fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder have to check out the Twitter posts being made under the name "HalfPintIngalls." HalfPint's Twitter biography goes like this:
Name: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Location: the prairie

Bio: I was born in 1867 in a log cabin in the Big Woods of Wisconsin.
HalfPint, as of this minute, has 5,357 followers (me among them) and she has tweeted almost 500 times - not bad for a little girl way out there on the prairie.

Here are a few examples of what she has to say:
School let out before the blizzard hit, so we didn't have to burn the store-boughten desks for warmth. Not even a few! OH WELL...

On the other hand, when we get a "snow day" off from school it lasts four whole months.

If you're celebrating in town tonight, be sure to give the buggy reins to a trusted friend on your way home from the saloon. (New Year's Eve tweet)

I love the shiny penny I got for Christmas! Stared at the "heads" side all morning. Saving "tails" for later to prolong the fun! (Christmas day tweet)

It's SO COLD that one of my pigtails just snapped off. Awesome.

Today was a pretty good day until the horse died from bloat

Oof. Ate so much my new nickname is "Two-Thirds-Pint." (Thanksgiving day tweet)

Just walked 160 acres for this stupid piece of candy. 160 acres until the next one. HATE trick-or-treating on the prairie. (Halloween tweet)

All I said was, "I see you've got an extra big bustle, Nellie Oleson! Is that the new style?" I don't know why she's so upset.
According to the Christian Science Monitor, HalfPint's "Twittergraph" started sending messages to the world in July 2008. If you are curious about who might be behind all the fun, read the article for one theory on just whom it might be.

This is my kind of humor.

If you are on Twitter, book lovers, you need to make HalfPintIngalls a friend.


  1. I think the tone of these little 140-character blurbs is just dead on...and that makes them very funny. I'm amazed at how long this has been going on.