Friday, January 25, 2008

A Reader's Obituary

There's some kind of upper-respiratory bug going around Houston and knocking people on their butts for what seems forever. It finally chased me down three or four days ago and I've been struggling to get through a day's work and not crash into bed immediately upon reaching home every evening. I'm still reading, though at about fifty percent my normal rate, but putting a coherent thought into writing has become more and more difficult every hour, thus my lack of response to your recent comments and my overall neglect of Book Chase.

Maybe it's because I feel so terrible that this obituary from the Chicago Tribune caught my eye. Whatever the reason, I absolutely love the way that Mary Jane McNamee's obit leads off with a tribute to her love of reading.
With 12 children to raise, Mary Jane McNamee, an avid reader, grabbed moments for herself wherever she could.

In the morning, her children would awake to find her already up, curled in a chair with a cigarette, a soda and a book. After dinner, she'd prop up a novel behind the sink to fill her mind while her hands were busy with a sky-high pile of dishes.

At no time did she seem overburdened by her plus-sized brood.

"She was fascinated by all her kids," said her son Tom, a columnist with the Chicago Sun-Times.
As heavy duty readers, I think that we will all agree that this is a beautiful final tribute to a loved one.
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