Monday, November 12, 2007

Borders Bookstores Add Television Commercials Just for You

So now the Borders bookstores want you to enjoy the experience of listening to a few television commercials while you wade past the coffee shop, make your way around the toy section, and tear yourself away from the CDs and DVDs that take up so much of the remaining floor space. (Does anyone really buy CDs and DVDs at the inflated Borders and Barnes & Noble prices?) The good news is that Borders still sells books. The bad news is that you may be so distracted that you fail to much care.

Of course, Borders is spinning this as a service to its customers by claiming that it is making it easier for customers to keep up with legitimate news stories and the latest in entertainment news. As if I need more unwanted exposure to the likes of E! Entertainment Television.
The advertisers that have bought time on Borders TV are all “household names,” Mr. Diab said. Ford, for instance will showcase its hybrid vehicles.

Mr. Jones said Borders customers tend to be “highly educated, more affluent” and spend an average of an hour in the store, making them catnip to many advertisers. “It’s becoming more and more difficult to reach people,” Mr. Jones said. “Newspapers are not as effective as they used to be. Television is not as easily reachable as it used to be. This becomes an attractive option.”
The dumbing down of America continues at a rapid pace. But anyone believing that this is a plus to the Borders environment is probably a victim of that trend already. This is nothing more than a deal between Borders and advertisers to subject bookstore customers, somewhat of a captive audience, to a steady stream of advertising. Borders is likely to make a nice profit from the venture and that should help its shaky bottom line. Can Barnes & Noble be far behind?
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